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Sunday, June 7, 2015


While waiting for new discs to come in for review, I watched another very interesting double feature. Both have been talked about on here before, but hey, they are interesting films.

FACE OF TERROR 1962 (SINISTER CINEMA) Fernando Rey stars as a scientist who has developed a serum that erases scars from human skin. He unwittingly performs the operation on an escapee from a mental institution. The operation is very successful and the woman becomes extremely beautiful.

Lisa Gaye is Norma, the woman on whom the operation is performed. She attacks the doctor and almost kills him when he discovers that she is not who she says she is. She runs away and begins to live a life of her own, but soon finds her skin turning back to what is was.

This is a film close to my heart that I feel has been very neglected by horror film fans over the years. I will never forget my first time seeing it on TV and how enamored I was with the beauty of Lisa Gaye. It's not an original story by any means, but it still makes for good entertainment.

THE UNINVITED 1988 (CHEEZY FLICKS) I found this on a shelf at my local Hasting's store a few years ago and couldn't pass it by. I had never seen it, but I heard about it.

Greydon Clark directed this bizarre tale about an experimental cat that escapes from a lab and is picked up by a young woman who is soon to be a passenger on a yacht run by crooks. When cornered or sometimes just because the cat becomes a hideous mutated monster that bites and kills people.

Alex Cord and George Kennedy are thieves heading out to get a load of money, but hat they get is a load of trouble from the young people they invite on their yacht as well as the killer kitty.

This movie does have some very effective moments involving the after effects of the bite from a mutant, and the print quality from Cheezy isn't bad at all. I enjoyed this film for what it is, pure entertainment.

if you get the chance, you might want to look this one up. The rest of the cast includes Austin Stoker, Clu Gulager, Shari Shattuck and Toni Hudson.

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