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Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Here is a little ditty that I missed, until it came to Blu-ray.

Fritz Weaver stars as a priest whose relatives drove Satan out of Ireland. A king cobra, which is actually Satan arrives in a small town where the priest is living and begins a reign of terror by randomly biting people or commanding other snakes to do so.

Gretchen Corbett is a doctor investigating the recent deaths. This movie slowly builds up to the very interesting climax where the priest must battle Satan. The movie tries to copy "Jaws" in that the town has a dog racing track going in and the mayor wants nothing to interfere with it. Director Bob Claver seems to have a hard time deciding what course to follow.

Sometimes the film wants to be a "Jaws" rip off and other times it's a "nature against mankind film". This isn't to say the film isn't interesting and not deserving of all the tearing apart it gets from critics.

Weaver does a good job as the priest, and the climax is very well done, but it does seem that the power of evil was very easily overcome.

It's still a fun watch and Shout Factory should be commended for putting this out on Blu-ray with "Empire Of The Ants".

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