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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


A very rare and welcome 70's horror gem comes to Blu-ray.

Kerwin Mathews stars as Robert Bridgestone, a man who takes his son Ritchie camping and is attacked by a werewolf. After a long fight with the monster Robert manages to kill him, but not before he is bitten.

He refuses to believe he killed anything but a man while his son knows he killed a monster. After a short police investigation Ritchie and his dad go back to camping and that is where Ritchie himself is stalked by a werewolf.

It soon become apparent to Robert that he is infected and is turning into a monster every night of the full moon.

The werewolf make-up here is unique as the beast has a longer snout and looks like a dog. I like the look myself because I think it adds a different flavor to the fable.

This is the third and final pairing of actor Mathews and director Nathan Juran. This is pure 70's all the way. Everything from the clothes to the hippie commune is in this film. God I miss the 70's.

This rare little gem has never been available on the home video market in any format so a HUGE thanks to Shout for getting this film out to the masses via Blu-ray. The picture quality is excellent and the night scenes are much clearer than when I saw this on TNT many years ago.

If you haven't seen this film I recommend you do. It's a great take on the werewolf legend and just a damn fun film.

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