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Friday, August 12, 2016


One of my favorite 70's horror films has arrived a blu-ray.

James Brolin stars as a sheriff in a small Utah town that is thrown into terror by the sudden and unexplained appearance of a black car that goes on a killing spree.

It starts when the car kills two innocent young people biking along the highway and from that point on it slowly escalates into more and more victims.

It attempts to kill children who are practicing for a parade, but when they hide in the cemetery the Car cannot enter. Brolin and his men do everything they can, but to no avail.

The Car is possessed by a demon and you never see the driver, but after a while you come to know there is something non human behind the wheel.

I like the way director Elliot Silverstein paces this film. It has a very quick build up and delivers the goods sooner than most films do.

The Utah scenery is beautiful and the rest of the cast includes Kathleen Lloyd, R.G. Armstrong, John Marley, Kim ichards, Kate Murtagh, Eddie Little Sky, Geraldine Keams and melody Thomas Scott.

The Blu-ray from Shout looks and sounds great and I can recommend this for anyone who likes 70's horror films. The disc has an interview with the director and several cast members and they all bring back some good memories of this film.

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