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Monday, August 29, 2016


The very successful followup to the horror classic.

A new summer camp is opening up next to the now closed Camp Crystal Lake and all is not well.

Once again a killer is stalking and killing the counselors one by one. Adrienne King returns in a small part reprising her role as Alice from the first film.

Amy Steel is Ginny in this film and she must fight for her life against a masked maniac that turns out to be Jason Vorhees whom everyone had thought drowned almost 30 years ago.

The body count piles up in this well made sequel. This film earned millions as well as the first film and it too spawned a sequel which was done in 3-D, and it is my favorite of the series, and the last one I actually watched.

But, back to this film. It's not too bad as far as films like this go. Sean Cunningham didn't return to direct this one, those chores fell to Steve Miner, who does a good job with the material. I remember waiting anxiously for this film to be released and I was there on opening day of course.

It didn't kick me in the pants like the first one did, but I went to see it a few times anyway. The real fun was to come with the next sequel.

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