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Friday, August 5, 2016


Another fine Pam Grier action classic.

Jack Hill directed this very well crafted film that shows Pam at her most beautiful and deadly.

The movie opens with Antonio Fargas as Link Brown, the brother of Foxy being pursued by gangsters. He calls her on the phone and she rescues him and keeps him at her place.

Foxy decides to take on the drug lords herself. The two top people she is trying to get to are Steve Alias (Peter brown) and Katherine Wall (Kathryn Loder). Foxy is captured by the evil henchmen of Alias and Wall. She is tortured for information, but gives none so they decide to dope her up and send her to a house of horrors in Haiti.

Finally she manages to escape and wreck vengeance on everyone. There are some extremely violent deaths in this film, most of which you'll never forget. Jack Hill does another boffo job directing and he has a fine cast and supporting cast to work with. Sid Haig, H.B. Haggerty, Bob Minor and Juanita Brown round out the cast.

The Blu-ray looks and sounds fantastic.Olive has doen a great job with this and many other "blaxploitation" films, and I hope they keep turning them out. Recommended.

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