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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


One of the best remakes ever made come to Blu-ray.

Donald Sutherland stars as Matthew Bennell a health inspector in San Francisco who gets caught up in a web of terror that threatens the world.

His close friend Elizabeth Driscoll finds a mysterious flower and that starts the terror. She soon discovers that her boyfriend is devoid of emotions and has changed. Slowly she and Matthew uncover the fact the people are being replaced by emotionless pods from outer space that have the capability to replicate the human body cell for cell and organ for organ.

This is an updated version of the 1956 sci-fi classic. This remake is one of the few that I cannot say enough good things about. The movie makes no waste of time in building up a doomed sense of hopelessness.

Veronica Cartwright is Nancy Bellicec and Jeff Goldblum is her husband Jack. These two join forces with Elizabeth and Matthew in trying to fight the ever increasing invasion.

The Blu-ray disc from Shout is the best I have ever seen this film, and it has a good amount of extras including interviews with Sutherland, Adams, Cartwright as well as director Phil Kaufman and writer W.D. Richter. Also included in an episode of Science Fiction Theater entitled "Time Is Just A Place" based on a Jack Finney short story.

There are some shocking special effects in this film including Sutherland smashing the face of his replica with a garden hoe and the infamous human/dog hybrid monster that runs through the streets!! I will NEVER forget that.

In conclusion, the film has a top notch supporting cast including Leila Goldoni, Art Hindle, Leonard Nimoy, Kevin McCarthy and Don Siegel. One of the best releases of the year!!!!

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