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Saturday, August 27, 2016


W. Lee Wilder directed this pretty interesting adventure film.

John Bromfield and Victor Jory are two divers who hate each other, but form a bizarre partnership in order to obtain a very large treasure.

Each man has a half of a treasure map until Jory burns it after he has memorized it. The two men continue to fight until Jory finally manages to kill Bromfield. The best part of the film is a desperate and crazed Jory trying to dispose of the body.

Lon Chaney, Jr. is Swede a man whose only hopes that the Manfish will become his someday. Manfish by the way is the name of the boat Bromfield owns.

I really didn't mind this film too much and although it is slow in spots, it still held my interest. It combines two Edgar Allan Poe tales which are "The Gold Bug" and "Tell Tale Heart".

Alpha has a really good print of this film and if you care to you might want to check it out sometime. The rest of the cast includes Barbara Nichols in her film debut, Jack Lewis and the lovely Tessa Prendergrast who was also responsible for the sexy bikini worn by Ursula Andress in Dr. No.

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