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Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Yes, this is actually on Blu-ray.

I have always loved this film but cannot put the finger on why. I reviewed the DVD release when it first came out and now the Blu-ray release won't be much different.

Five astronauts head to the 13th moon of Jupiter and discover a race of lovely young women and an elderly man who claim to be the lost descendants of Atlantis. The man's name is Prasus, and he seems to be in charge. The women are eager for husbands and so they welcome the men very openly. The leader is Luther Blair (Anthony Dexter) and he falls in love with Hestia (Susan Shaw).

The only flaw in this seemingly perfect plan is the fact that a monster roams the land killing those he can catch. The monster is a bizarre sight. It nothing more than a very thin man in a black body suit and a cheap looking monster mask whose facial expression never changes.

There are plenty of bad special effects and the acting isn't too great, but, again I have always liked this film, and I salute Olive for putting this forgotten gem on Blu-ray. I saw this one night on a family vacation in Montana and it played on a double bill on TV along with the 1941 Universal film "The Wolfman".

I must have seen this at just the right time as I am very fond of it. I may be the only fan of this movie. I don't know if that's true, but I have yet to meet another.

The Blu-ray makes the film look better than it ever has a right to. A top notch transfer from Olive and I hope they do more soon.

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