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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


One of the best zombie movies ever.

It has been a long time since I talked about this little gem of a film. Directed by Jorge Grau, this excellent tale starts with a man leaving his shop in London to enjoy the weekend in the country.

Ray Lovelock is George Meaning, a young man who hates pollution and cannot wait to get out of the city. On his trip his motorcycle is damaged by a young woman named Edna (beautiful Cristina Galbo). The two become involved in a murder investigation after the death of Edna's brother in law.

Her sister is suspected of the crime by a police inspector played by Arthur Kennedy. To digress a bit Edna is attacked by a strange loking man while George has stopped the car to find directions to Edna's sisters home. They both discover that the man Edna describes is already dead.

Now that brings us to Edna's brother in law who was killed, since he was killed by the same dead man. The police refuse to believe such a tale. George and Edna are detained in a small town and they do their own investigation. Soon they find even more dead corpses are starting to walk around and eat human beings.

It seems the corpses are being brought back to life via a new device used to kill parasites on nearby farms. It also affects the nervous system of young babies and they are turning violent in the Manchester hospital.

Soon the action shifts to same said hospital as the dead increase in number and George frantically tries to save Edna.

There are scenes in this film that still make me cringe, but that is the sign of a well made horror film. The zombie attacks on the police officer in the cemetery and the hospital are unforgettable.

The ending is something that, when I first saw the film I wasn't expecting at all. If you haven't seen this film, I really think you should. It's a hell of a film and easily one of the best zombie films ever made.

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