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Monday, August 1, 2016


Another Hollywood legend has passed away.

Gloria DeHaven has a very long and distinguished career starting all the way back in 1936 with an uncredited appearance in the film MODERN TIMES.

From then on she made many. many films including BETWEEN TWO WOMEN, YELLOW CAB MAN, and THE GIRL RUSH. In 1955 she concentrated more on TV appearances and had roles in everything from THE RIFLEMAN, WAGON TRAIN and BURKE'S LAW to MARCUS WELBY M.D. and NAKIA.

Of her entire career the film I remember her most from was a very low budget but fun film entitled BOG from 1979. Her final TV appearance was in 2000 in an episode of the show TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL. It was uncredited.

She passed away in Las Vegas on July 31, just 8 days after her 91st birthday.

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