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Thursday, March 9, 2017


Gordon Scott is Glauco/Hercules.

Sexy Rosabla Neri is an evil queen who rules and empire engulfed in fear from The Moloch. What is the Moloch you ask? It's an evil god-like man who wears a metal bull mask over his hideous and deformed face.

Glauco is taken as a slave and wins favor with the queen. Secretly he plots, along with a few others, the destruction of Mycene.

While all this is going on, Moloch enjoys his female victims by mutilating them or shooting them with arrows. Eventually Glauco brings his forces into play and the empire of Mycene is brought own and the evil queen Demeter is killed.

There isn't a very convoluted plot with this one but there is plenty of action and lots of massive battle scenes. Neri and Scott carry the show and are good together.

The print from Trimark is very good although not in scope as it should be and the print is entitled Hercules Vs. The Moloch which was the original title.

Recommended for fans of the genre. Did I mention it has the very sexy Rosalba Neri?

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