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Thursday, March 30, 2017


Fun little time waster from Fred Olen Ray.

Grant Austin Waldman directed this comedy/horror film from a script by star Brinke Stevens.

Stevens is Diane, a college student who finds a huge mansion for rent at a very cheap price. She soon finds out why.

The mansion is haunted and a demon takes possession of her and she terrorizes her sister and brother in law when they arrive at the house.

Elena Sahagun is the sister, Sally, and Jay Richardson is hilarious as her husband Mike. Robert Quarry is a priest that attempt to exorcise the demon and fails. His frantic call to his bosses results in a call to a pizza delivery place and before you know it Eddie Deezen shows up as a goofy delivery man.

All of these people end up fighting the demon and the walking dead. The plot is pretty simple and this film is a good time waster.

Others in the cast include Michael Berryman, Oliver Darrow and Hoke Howell.

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