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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Excellent film noir.

Victor Mature is Lt. Candella, a man who has very close ties to the family of a man he has been seeking for murder.

As the movie opens a cop killer named Martin Rome is almost on his death bed from wounds received in a shoot out with a cop. He is visited by the police and then secretly by a lovely young woman named Teena.

Rome lives and escapes from a prison hospital and Candella and his partner Lt. Collins (Fred Clark)in hot pursuit. Candella is torn between his love for the Rome family and his duty of getting Martin.

Rome gets involved with a slimy lawyer named Niles whom he later kills and takes money from. Niles is expertly played by Barry Kroeger and his death scene is one of many memorable scenes in this fine film.

The highlight of the entire film is Hope Emerson who was always an imposing figure on screen, and she makes Rome look sane by comparison. Once seen, she is not forgotten. Richard Conte turns in another great performance a Martin Rome. I don't think I have ever seen Conte in a film I didn't like him in.

The gorgeous young woman named Teena turns out to be Rome's girlfriend and she is not agreeable to his killing spree. The rest of the film is well worth a look. No film noir fan should miss this one.

The rest of the cast includes Shelley Winters, Betty Garde and Tommy Cook. Debra Paget made her film debut as Teena and she is gorgeous as always. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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