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Thursday, March 16, 2017


A very strange and unique film.

George Macready is a famous doctor, George Winson, who is on his deathbed. His wife Ann is desperate for him to stay alive. She denies the power of faith and prayer and calls upon any darker power that can and will help her.

Suddenly a mysterious woman named Lilyan appears and tends to Dr. Winson. Very soon he is better, but things have changed a little with him. Well maybe not a little, but everyone notices his bad temper, reserved nature towards people and almost utter hatred towards everyone.

Lilyan has taken his soul in return for life an this tends to cause problems indeed. This is not a bad little B thriller, but I always think the entire presentation is odd and I can't quite describe it.

It runs a very short 61 minutes and moves a a very good clip. One is never bored with the movie and I recommend this film as it is one of the films that has fallen thru the cracks of horror film history.

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