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Monday, March 27, 2017


I gotta thank a good friend of mine, Joe Lucier for sending me this wonderful disc.

A labor of love from November Fire, this DVD is extremely comprehensive in the coverage of Wilkins and his iconic show "Creature Features".

There are many clips of Bob in his early days as a weather man and commercials that he did. There are also interviews with such greats as Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, John Landis, William Marshall and many more.

You also get plenty of trailers, ad copy, and clips from Wilkins show and a history of it from 1966-1981. One of the best parts of the DVD is that at the bottom of the screen is a constant running list of every movie ever shown on Creature Features along with the date of airing.

I can't see ANY Creature Features fan not having this DVD! It is essential!! When I was a child my mother used to let me stay at my grandparents house in a small Montana town that actually had Creature Features come on after the PBS station signed off the air. It was a 122 mile round trip, but well worth it for me anyway.

Check out this wonderful DVD and have a great time going down memory lane. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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