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Wednesday, March 29, 2017


This is an interesting little DVD.

This is a pretty cool compilation of 5 films produced by the US Government about what to do in the event of nuclear war.

First up is the 1953 film "Let's Face It" which is narrated by Reed Hadley. It tells us the danger of nuclear war and how to survive.

The second one is called "United States Civil Defense In Action" and it tells about the three groups that would be around if our country were attacked. Those beyond help, those needing help and those who can help. This film actually tells you that certain people, if prepared enough can survive the nuclear war. Made in 1953.

The third is called "A New Look At The Atom Bomb" and is hosted by Val Peterson the then governor of Nebraska. This is from 1955. This is a bizarre little film as he tells us that "Now, I am not here to frighten you". Then he proceeds to do just that when he tells us that people at ground zero will be vaporized and people living in the "fringe areas" are doomed.

The fourth is "Operation Cue" from 1955. This is a film about APPLE-2 which was a nuclear test in the Nevada desert. A reporter discusses what she saw during the test and the effects. The reporter is played by an actress, and she assures us that the "harmless" radiation will not kill us. In real life most of the people at the test site died of cancer from the radiation.

The fifth and final film was made in 1978 and is called "Protection In The Nuclear Age". This is a weird animated film that was sent to television stations across America in the event tensions between us and Russia reached a peak. It instructs people on what to do if a nuclear war were to take place. The animation is by Shamus Culhane and after you've seen this little gem you'll not soon forget it.

The quality on all of these films is very good. I enjoyed this look at a time gone by and it's interesting to note that none of these films ever talk about the lingering effects of radiation and what it can really do to a human body. I recommend this release for a look at an America past.

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