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Monday, March 13, 2017


One of the most action packed serials ever filmed.

This is also known as "Secret Service In Darkest Africa" and both titles are somewhat inaccurate as the story takes place in Casablanca, but who cares.

Rod Cameron stars as government agent Rex Bennett who is fighting the Nazi's at every turn. There are 15 episodes in this serial and as I said earlier, it has tons of action. There are more fistfights, blazing gun battles and others things than I have seen in other entire serials.

Joan Marsh is an American reporter in Casablanca and she helps Bennett whenever she can. I cannot recall a female in a serial that killed more people than she does.

The evil Nazi's are trying to take over Africa and the world by interfering with peace plans between the Arabs and the USA. Behind all of this is Baron Von Rommler (Lloyd Royce) who kidnaps an Arab, Sultan Abou Ben Ali whom he impersonates to perfection and Ernest Muller (Kurt Kreuger).

Also helping Bennett is Capt. Pierre LaSalle (Duncan Renaldo). Director Spencer Bennett does his usual great job handling these things.

If you like serials, I recommend you give this a try is you can find it. I first became familiar with this many, many years ago when I bought a super 8mm 50 foot reel of this from K Mart under the title "The Baron's African War". Imagine a 4 hour serial cut down to 3 minutes!!

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