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Friday, March 31, 2017


A true 50's science fiction masterpiece.

A great cinemascope color classic about 4 men who are on a space mission taking pictures of Mars and after they are done decide to head for home.

During the return trip they are suddenly engulfed in a bizarre storm in space and begin traveling over 100 miles per second. the ship crashes in the snow on a distant planet. When the men regain consciousness they fin themselves stranded on the planet.

They make their way out of the snowline in the mountains they crashed in and are attacked by mutant men and a couple of giant spiders in a cave. When they happen upon an old cemetery they discover the truth. They have traveled thru a time warp and are actually on earth in a far distant future.

Once again they are attacked by mutants and take shelter in a cave in which they discover a metal door. It opens and they are greeted by a mysterious underground civilization. The astronauts (Rod Taylor, Hugh Marlowe, Nelson Leigh and Christopher Dark) are greeted by men who seem to be very weak and scared to try anything to improve their dying race.

The women on the other hand are very sexy and include Nancy Gates, Lisa Simone, Shawn Smith and others. The women dress in m mini skirts and heels and are attracted to the new arrivals.

They are accepted into the new world and find out it is the year 2508 and that a world wide nuclear war ended most life on Earth and the survivors moved underground. Marlowe tries to convince them that living above ground is much better for them but is met with hostility from a man named Mories (Booth Coleman). Mories sets the astronauts up by killing someone and having them blamed.

The astronauts are finally found to be not guilty and are allowed to help the underground people fight the savages on the surface.

This is a fun film and I have always loved it. The plot may not be very original, but the actor pull it off very well and the women are incredibly sexy in outfits designed by Vargas.

The Warner Archive blu-ray is simply beautiful with excellent picture and audio. I hope they continue to turn out more genre pictures like this. Highly Recommended.

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