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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

RIP JACK H. HARRIS 1918-2017

The man who produced the movie that introduced me to horror has died.

Jack Harris produced the original version of "The Blob" back in 1958. That film is what started me on this long weird movie road I have been on since 1966.

Harris also produced such films as "Dinosaurus", "4-D Man", "Equinox", "Eyes Of Laura Mars", "Dark Star", "Master Of Horror", "Beware The Blob" , the Fred Olen Ray film "Star Slammer" and many more.

His company also distributed such films as "Astro Zombies". Harris was active on the convention circuit and was active until his death.

He also appeared in several of his films including Equinox. He has left us a wonderful legacy of film. Thanks Jack.

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