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Saturday, March 25, 2017


My all time favorite Republic serial.

This was originally called "Perils Of Nyoka". William Witney directed all 15 chapters of this classic cliffhanger.

Beautiful Kay Aldridge is Nyoka Gordon. She and her friends are trying to locate her missing father while at the same time locate the Golden Tablets Of Hippocrates, which carries with it a secret treasure and a cure for cancer.

Also looking for the tablets is Vultura, Queen Of The Desert. Vultura is easily the sexiest villain in movie history as played by gorgeous Lorna Gray. She and her assistant, Cassib, played by Charles Middleton will stop at nothing to get the tablets.

During the course of the 15 chapters there are plenty of fistfights, explosions and thrills to keep the viewer very interested. Nyoka is put in plenty of peril by Vultura including being suspended by her wrists over a pit of fire, stretched on the rack and attacked by a gorilla.

As I said, this is my favorite all time serial and it is because of the storyline as a whole and the two lovely leading women. Aldridge and Gray play off of each other very well and even manage to have a couple of great fight scenes.

I was first introduced to this serial when I was about 9 years old and bought a 50 foot reel of it from K Mart. It was called "Nyoka In The Caves Of Death" and featured the "pit of fire" suspension scene. Imaine the effect that had on this 9 year old!

Anyway, I keep hoping this will come to Blu-ray soon. Highly recommended if you can find it.

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