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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


This film finally gets a long awaited digital release here in the US.

When his brother disappears a man sets out to find him and this leads him to a country house where he last stayed. Mark Eden is Robert Manning who soon discovers that his brother was involved in a bizarre cult worshiping a witch that was burned at the stake many years before.

Christopher Lee is Morley, the owner of the house who claims to have never seen Manning's brother, and is hiding a very dark secret. Boris Karloff is Professor Marsh whom manning confides in. Barbara Steele is Lavinia, an evil witch who has green tinted skin and was burned at the stake. Her scenes all appear in weird dreams that Manning has when asleep.

Virginia Wetherall is Eve, the young woman whom Manning falls for while searching for his brother, and she is very easy on the eyes. This is a fun film with a rather bizarre but fun ending and is a good bet for any horror fan.

Kino has done a great job with the Blu-ray transfer. The only thing is that the original music is replaced, but that is a very little thing and hardly a reason not to watch this classic. The disc has a 47 minute interview with the late Christopher Lee that is very interesting and almost worth the price of the disc alone.

No horror fan should be without this film in their collection. One of the best releases of the year at this point. Check it out.

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