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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


This is one of the very few Santo films I found somewhat lacking in everything.

A mad strangler returns from the dead and seeks revenge against Santo. He uses a variety of masks made from the skin of his victims to get around as well as hide his hideous scarring.

The film is a good one, but very disappointing for the following reasons. There are EIGHT, count em' EIGHT musical numbers in this film that do nothing but slow the movie down. Maria Duval is a beautiful woman and as the leading lady she does not have much to do.

The strangler is burned alive by Santo and thus ends the film, but my God do I wish it has been edited to about 70 minutes. As I said, it's a good film, but those damn musical numbers really take away the points.

The print from Lionsgate is very good and the black and white photography is good.

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