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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Very odd movies here.

This film takes place in 16th Century Spain. Don Francisco has his daughter agree to marry a scoundrel named Don Ramiro to keep the peace between citizens, and preserve the lands of his estate.

Her name is Blanca and she is really in love with Don Juan, who upon his return to his homeland is angry about the news that his one true love is being forced to marry another. He dons a red mask, and together with his friend Hercules, they defeat Don Romiro.

Alan Steele is Hercules and actually has about five to ten minutes of screen time. it's a good film to watch, but very confusing to follow. I don't understand the connection between Herc and Don Juan, and the time period for Hercules is all wrong.

Oh well, if you enjoy these kinds of films like I do, just put your brain on hold and watch.

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