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Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Watched a "nature goes berserk" double feature on Saturday morning.

BEGINNING OF THE END 1957 (IMAGE)...One of my favorite monster movies when I was growing up has lost none of it's appeal for me.

Peter Graves stars in this Bert Gordon film about giant locusts invading Chicago. Peggy Castle co-stars as a reporter who is trying to get a story and eventually falls in love with Graves.

The effects are sub par Gordon effects, but that is what gives the film it's charm. It's a fun monster romp and it comes highly recommended.

DEADLY BEES 1967 (LEGEND)...Gorgeous Suzanna Leigh stars as an exhausted pop singer who goes to a small island for some relaxation, but instead finds terror.

It seems that someone on the island is raising killer bees and setting them loose every now and then to kill people. This is a good Amicus production and it was released on a double bill with "The Vulture" back in 1966.

Frank Finlay, Katy Wild and Guy Doleman also star and the rock group "The Byrds" have a small role at the beginning of the film.

it had been a while since I saw this film, and really enjoyed it. I would recommend it.

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