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Wednesday, July 8, 2015


This bizarre shocker comes to Blu-ray from Shout Factory.

David Hasselhoff stars in this Italian thriller about several people stranded on a small island in a haunted hotel inhabited by a mysterious woman in black.

Classic actress Hildegard Knef is the woman in black. She is the ghost of a former actress who killed herself at the hotel, and the hotel was also the place where a woman committed suicide rather than be burned at the stake as a witch.

Linda Blair is a pregnant woman who becomes possessed by an evil spirit towards the end of the film and plays a major part in it's bizarre ending. The others at the hotel pay with their lives as the woman in black closes the three doors to hell with the killing.

Sexy Catherine Hickland is a lustful female who pays a dear price for her uninhibited sexual needs. The other deaths include a woman burned alive after having her lips sewn shut and then hung upside down in a fireplace, a man whose veins start spurting blood, and that is the most disturbing death to me in this film.

This is a fine piece of horror and it works well. I am very pleased it has been issued on Blu from Shout with the similar themed "Ghosthouse". This is highly recommended and worth a look.

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