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Friday, July 17, 2015


A fun sword and sandal film.

Ed Fury stars as Ursus in this fun tale about an evil and cruel king who rules an empire with an iron fist after he places himself on the throne with the former King's evil niece as his queen.

Ursus is captured and escapes. He decides to bring down the evil ruler and has to face several trials and tribulations in order to get it done. There are plenty of fights, sword battles and feats of strength.

This is a very goo film, but the one drawback is that is really, really needs to be in scope. I do wish Mill Creek would have gives this film, and others the proper aspect ratio as one third of the image is missing! Oh well, you takes what you can get for the time being.

If you like peplum films, you will enjoy this, no matter.

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