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Saturday, July 25, 2015


A great film from Larry Cohen.

Fred Williamson stars in this great film about a gangster named Tommy Gibbs who, at the very beginning of the film is shot by members of a rival gang that want a list of corrupt police and city officials.

He is forced to take time off to recover, but manages to reorganize his gang and take on his rivals with brutal violence and bloodshed. There is plenty of action that really never lets up.

The District Attorney is determined to have Gibbs killed in order to protect himself from prosecution, but Tommy doesn't die easily. There is a lynching of the DA that is very violent and one of the longest chases ever as Tommy chases a gangster from NY to LA!!

Larry Cohen makes this film entertaining, but you really find nobody to really care about in this film, which is probably for the better anyway. If you like "Blaxploitation" films you will like this. I know I did.

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