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Sunday, July 26, 2015


Interesting 50's sci-fi film.

An alien contacts five people and brings them on board his spaceship and gives them all containers with three capsules.

Gene Barry and Valerie French are two of the people given the capsules. They hide out from authorities once the alien broadcasts who has the items.

A Chinese peasant woman commits suicide rather than be captured by her government, a Soviet guard is held prisoner and tortured for the secret of the capsules, which he doesn't know anyway. The US government is anxious to find out the use of these capsules.

This film is a well made and sometimes overlooked film that has a very important message. Three superpowers are set at odds against each other by an alien race that needs to relocate and they have given the human race a chance to destroy themselves. A very good message if you ask me.

The film is well acted and the direction is good. Mill Creek has turned this out on a set with five other great films from Columbia Pictures. Those will be here at a later date. I highly recommend this film. The rest of the cast includes Arnold Moss as the alien, George Voskovec, Paul Birch, and Frederick Ledebur.

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