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Sunday, July 12, 2015


One of the best of the "blaxploitation" films.

Isaac Hayes stars as Truck Turner, a skip tracer who lets nothing hold him back. After arresting a sex offender in the Army, the offender, played by Don Megowan makes racial slurs to Turner who proceeds to uncuff him an beat the hell out of him, and this is only the beginning of the film.

When a chase after another bail jumper causes the mans death his girlfriend Dorinda, a foul mouthed Madame played to the hilt by Nichelle Nichols orders a hit on Turner and suddenly the hunter is the hunted.

A cold blooded killer named Harvard Blues (Yaphet Kotto) takes on the take of eliminating Turner. He brings with him his "insurance company" which is made up of assassins from all over the country.

truck his almost killed several times an after they brutally kill his partner and attempt to kill his girlfriend, he decides that he must kill Blues and his entire army. The blood and bullets fly everywhere and the final gun battle in a hospital is a sight to behold.

Director Jonathan Kaplan does an excellent job making this film work, and the cast is also top notch. Nichelle Nichols steals the show, and once seen you'll never forget her character. Kino has done a great job with this film, and the Blu-ray looks and sounds very good. I cannot recommend this film enough.

Also look for Chrles Cyphers, Dick Miller and Scatman Crothers in this wonderful film.

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