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Thursday, April 7, 2016


Waldemar Daninsky goes to Japan!

Paul Naschy returns for his 9th appearance as the doomed werewolf. This tale takes place in Japan after Daninsky has fled his homeland because of the inquisition.

He travels to Japan because he has heard of a magical sword and a man named Kian who may be able to save him.

sadly this proves to be not the case. Naschy is accompanied by two women and all three are tricked and then captured by an evil sorceress who attempts to make Daninsky her slave. She dies for this indiscretion.

There is plenty of nudity and blood letting in this little gem including a battle with a tiger that is very real, not the usual fake stuffed crap you see in a lot of movies.

This was made in Japan as Naschy needed to get financing for the film and the only place he could get it at the time was Japan. Thos makes for a very bizarre combination, but a very fun and wacky film. The print from Sinister is very good, and yes, there are subtitles.

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