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Monday, April 25, 2016


Vincent Price and Peter Cushing star in this well made terror tale.

Price stars as Paul Toombes a tormented actor whose best known character is "Dr. Death". After several bizarre murders he is sent to a mental hospital where he spends the next few years.

When he re-appears in the world he is contracted to stars as "Dr. Death" in a new TV show and more murders start. The first victim in this new string of killings in the very, very sexy Elizabeth Peters, played by the very, very sexy Linda Hayden.

Things continue to spiral downward as Toombes begins to doubt his own sanity. His friend Herbert Flay (Peter Cushing) tries to help Paul as much as he can.

This little thriller is a fun ride all the way thru. It is kind of a last hurrah of the AIP horror cycle with Price. It's always great to see Price and Cushing, but the added bonus of Robert Quarry, Linda Hayden, Adrienne Corri and Natasha Pyne make this an extra special treat for horror fans.

The Blu-ray disc from Kino is a very good improvement over other copies I have seen, and anything with Linda Hayden in HD is perfect with me.

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