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Saturday, April 9, 2016


A Barbara Steele classic.

Steele stars as a young woman married to a scientist named Bernard Hichcock. He accidentally killed his first wife by injecting her with a lethal amount of drugs during his sexual funeral game he was playing with her.

Steele is Cynthia, his second wife and she has no idea about what really goes on in her husband's mind. Bernard is trying to revive his dead wife for more fun and games and he is also attracted to almost every female corpse brought into the hospital where he works.

This is very twisted and engaging stuff. Steele is excellent in her role as always and Robert Flemyng is perfect as the very sick Bernard. Riccardo Freda directed and if you love Italian gothic horror, this is perfect for you.

The print from Sinister is good and I should tell you this is a two disc set. One disc has the American, shorter print of the film and the other is the one I am writing about here, the longer and much better edition of the film. I can't see anyone watching the truncated version of this film, but whatever.

Check it out as it makes for great late night viewing.

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