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Saturday, April 16, 2016


Fine western all around.

Randolph Scott returns as Britt Canfield, one of four brothers who fought for the South and lost and are now returning home. He joins in the building of the Santa Fe Railroad, but his other brothers still hold on to hatred from the war.

The other three brothers join the group that is trying to stop the railroad and soon both sides find themselves at each others throats until murder is committed and then Britt joins a posse to hunt down his brothers.

Once again the action never lets up as is usual with Scott westerns, especially those produced by Scott and Harry Joe Brown. The two formed a partnership that lasted thru many, many movies, none of which are bad.

Once again as well, the supporting cast is full of very familiar faces including Janis Carter, John Archer, Warner AndersonJock mahoney and Frank Ferguson as "Bat Masterson".

Highly Recommended Technicolor western.

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