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Friday, April 8, 2016


Great little movie based on the Edgar Allen Poe story.

Jason Robards stars in this interesting adaptation of the Edgar Allen Poe story. Robards is Cesar Charron the leader of a troupe that plays at a Grand Guignol theater called the Rue Morgue.

The troupe has been stalked by a mysterious killer who sometimes disfigures people with acid. Christine Kaufman is the beautiful wife of Charron who is a main target of the killer.

Herbert Lom stars as Rene Marot, a man who has every reason in his own mind to kill people and take revenge. The plot is very well done with a few major twists and turns. The murders and disfigurations are very well done and there is blood o' plenty flying around.

Gordon hessler directed this little gem which is presented by Shout Factory in a beautiful and totally uncut version. I enjoyed this more than i thought I would and I can easily recommend it to fans of horror films.

The rest of the cast includes Michael Dunn, Aldolfo Celi, Maria Perschy, and Lilli Palmer.

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