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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Fun and original 50's sci-fi thriller.

Jeff Morrow stars in this neat little film about an alien visitor that is different from most that appear in 50's sci-fi.

A meteor crashes on earth and a mysterious light projects from it and it inhabits the body of a truck driver who then drives to a secret base and dies as the alien light takes over the head of the base, Dr. Hubbell Elliot (John Emery). The alien has come to Earth to direct the landing of a ship in the ocean off the coast of Mexico.

Jeff Morrow, Barbara Lawrence and George O' Hanlon are three scientists sent to check it out. They soon discover, as does everyone else what is really on the minds of the aliens. Out of the ocean suddenly appears a huge robot that is a very cool square shape.

It turns out this robot is and energy storage machine and it is here to capture and and all of earth's energy. The three scientists must work to find a way to stop this monster. The effects range from good to ok, but it doesn't interfere with the fun that this film is.

Morrow is great as always and his supporting cast works well with him. It is rounded out with Morris Ankrum, Jose Gonzales-Gonzales, Marjorie Stapp and Robert Shayne.

This is a very original sci-fi film that any lovers of 50's sci-fi will enjoy. It appeared on DVD about 15 years ago and I wish it would get an upgrade, but you can't have everything, so if you get this DVD enjoy it!!

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