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Monday, April 11, 2016


One of the wildest films I have ever seen.

Sonny Chiba stars in this crazy and very fun film from Japan.

Chiba is Dr. Yamatone, a man who runs a very secret organization that is protecting the Earth. Their mission is to complete what is called the Super Destruction Beam Cannon and destroy a planet currently heading for a collision with the Earth.

While looking for a special mineral for the beam's lens they find the last remnants of Atlantis and a mysterious coffin. On the coffin is some writing about how it contains The Golden Bat. At the moment of discovery the search party is attacked by aliens who are responsible for the strange planet which is on a collision course.

During the skirmish the Golden Bat is brought to life and helps defend the Earth. He is an interesting character with his cape, garb, cane and skeleton face.

This is one very fun film, and it moves along at a very fast pace. The action never lets up. This film packs more action in 73 minutes than most films can in 2 hours or longer.

I recommend this for ANYONE who likes Japanese cinema. It's a must see. The print from Sinister is beautiful widescreen and subtitled.

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