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Saturday, April 30, 2016


One of the best western shows ever made comes to DVD in a good set from Timeless.

This is a five disc set and it contains all 36 episodes from the first season of this superior show starring nick Adams as Johnny Yuma, just out of the civil war and wondering across the land.

This show has long been sought after by collectors of western TV shows and it finally makes it's appearance. The shows are much different than most shows of it's kind. Some are very disturbing and nihilistic.

There were also a lot of great actors and actresses that appeared in the show including Agnes Moorehead, Dan Blocker, Jack Elam, Leonard Nimoy, Mala Powers and many, many more.

Here is a rundown of the episodes in season 1.

JOHNNY YUMA 10/4/59...The debut show introduces us to Yuma who has come back home only to find his father murdered by a group of men who have stolen a mine.

JUDGEMENT 10/11/59...Johnny turns in a horse thief, but then find some disturbing things during the very quick trial and execution.

YELLOW HAIR 10/18/59...Johnny rides to Fort Concho and discovers it totallt devoid of soldiers except for one man who pretends to be insane to escape the Indians who will not harm the mentally infirm.

VICIOUS CIRCLE 10/25/59...Yuma comes upon a demented ex-confederate general who is hording gold in order to change the outcome of the war.

PANIC 11/1/59...Johnny comes upon a family stricken with illness and finds the town people unwilling to help them in any way.

THE SCAVENGERS 11/8/59...Johnny helps a family that is being set upon by a ruthless gang of drifters.

SCHOOL DAYS 11/15/59...Johnny is hired as a temporary schoolmaster and falls for a lovely young woman.

DARK SECRET 11/22/59...Yuma kills a man is self defense and then finds himself working as a mediator between the man's dangerous and defensive widow and his associates. Robert Hutton stars.

MISFITS 11/29/59...Yuma takes control of a hoodlum teenage gang who have big plans to rob banks and become outlaws.

IN MEMORIAM 12/6/59...Johnny rides into a small town on the holiday commemorating the death of the two matriarch's son and discovers something is very wrong. Agnes Moorehead stars.

THE VAGRANTS 12/13/59...Yuma is arrested for vagrancy and discovers that the sheriff is using slave labor and he plans an escape.

GUN CITY 12/27/59...Yuma arrives in a town that prohibits guns. After he checks his in he finds one has been stolen and must stop a man from killing another for a perceived injustice against his father.

THE DEATH OF GRAY 1/3/60...Yuma is entangled in a kidnapping and is sent by the kidnappers to get the ransom. Sandra Knight and Johnny Cash star.

ANGRY TOWN 1/10/60...In self defense Yuma kills a man appointed Sheriff by his gang leader brother. He them finds the people so intimidated by the man that everyone refuses to help him. One of the darkest episodes!!

GOLD SEEKER 1/17/60...Johnny sees a man kill his Apache wife over gold and attempts to take him to trail, but they are captured by Indians.

GLORY 1/24/60...A saloon girl named Glory is banished from a small town and Yuma finds himself helping her. Marie Windsor stars.

THE UNWANTED 1/31/60...Yuma rescues an old man from thieves who accuse him of stealing money from dead bodies in the local cemetery. They all get a big surprise in one of the greatest shows of the series.

THE CRIME 2/7/60...Yuma brings some items he has found on a dead horse to the place indicated and soon finds himself arrested for murder.

NOBLESSE OBLIGE 2/14/60...Yuman visits an ex commanding officer and finds he is a little unstable while pursuing a murderer.

LAND 2/21/60... Yuma brings an old farmer papers proving he's correct in a land dispute. Again, a very bleak but thought provoking episode. Rudolph Anders stars.

HE'S ONLY A BOY 2/28/60...Johnny arrives in town to deliver a letyter and finds a very young man wanting to be a top gunslinger. Robert Blake stars.

TAKE DEAD AIM 3/6/60...Yuma is befriended by a couple with a shooting show. the wife slowly falls for Johnny and wants him to help her murder her husband. Mala Powers stars.

THE RATTLER 3/13/60...Yuma, suffering from a snake bite is taken in by a Sheriff and his family. The Sheriff's deputy comes by and kills the Sheriff when his wife and child are gone and then frames a recovering Yuma.

YOU STEAL MY EYES 3/20/60...Yuma discovers a dying trapper caught in a bear trap. he takes the man to his cabin and finds his blind daughter, who does not trust Yuma until the very surprising conclusion. An excellent episode. Cathy O' Donnell stars.

FAIR GAME 3/27/60...At a stage depot Yuma is among the passengers who are caught off guard when a sheriff who is escorting a female killer to justice is poisoned.

UNSURRENDERED SWORD 4/3/60...Johnny goes to a small Mexican town to retrieve for the widow and finds the reason for his death much different than what the widow had said. Peggy Webber and Lorna Thayer star.

THE CAPTIVE OF TREMBLOR 4/10//60...Johnny is badly wounded and treated by the doctor in a small town. But why is the doctor kept in a prison cell? very odd episode.

BLIND MARRIAGE 4/17/60...Johnny gets involved in the prejudice against a Chinese man and his daughter and the theft of their money by bandits. Philip Ahn, Lisa Lu and Victor Buono star.

ABSOLUTION 4/23/60...A woman Johnny knew and loved during the war is dying and her husband seeks Johnny out to say he forgives her for betraying him during the war. Gloria Talbot stars.

A GRAVE FOR JOHNNY YUMA 5/1/60...Johnny arrives in a town and sees a gravestone with his name on it.

IN MEMORY OF A SON 5/8/60...Johnny and three friends are summoned to a town for a map to a gold mine. Mistrust and murder follow.

PAINT A HOUSE WITH SCARLET 5/15/60...A religious fanatic and his son terrporize a young woman because she is a former dance hall girl. Johnny puts a stop to it. A very tense episode starring John Anderson, Clu Gulager and Margaret Field.

GRANT OF LAND 5/22/60...Excellent episode has Johnny helping a man who has been given the Congressional medal of Honor settle on some land that he has been given. However, a group of people don't want the man anywhere near them. This is probably the best episode of the entire first season. Paul Richards, Ed Nelson and sexy Ruta Lee star.

NIGHT ON A RAINBOW 5/29/60...Johnny is summoned to help a long time friend and finds him addicted to pain killers. A very timely episode, even today!! Disturbing. James Best and gail Kobe star.

LADY OF QUALITY 6/5/60...Yuma finds a young woman who has become unstable after the murder of her husband. Another fantastic episode.

THE EARL OF DURANGO 6/12/60...Johnny witnesses a killing and finds the townspeople are ecstatic about the death.

These shows touched on more topics that other westerns simply didn't. Adams is perfect for the lea role and the show came about due to a collaboration between himself and the shows producer Andrew Fenaday. The famous theme song is sung by Johnny Cash. RECOMMENDED!

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