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Monday, April 25, 2016


One of my all time favorite films.

Larry Cohen brings this bizarre film about a killer dessert to life with the likes of Michael Moriarty as an industrial spy named Mo and Andrea Marcovicci as an advertising exec named Nicole who team together to find out the secret behind this new dessert craze sweeping the country.

Mo Rutherford is hired by several companies to find out what is behind the mass marketing craze of a new dessert called The Stuff.

The investigation leads him to alliances with Nicole and ad exec who created the sly marketing campaign for the product and with "Chocolate Chip" Charlie (Garrett Morris), a former business tycoon who now has nothing thanks to the incredible popularity of the Stuff.

The investigation leads to the discovery that the product is actually a destructive organism that is taking over everyone who consumes it.

There are some great scenes of the "stuffies" being killed in gruesome ways and a lot of great cameo appearances by the likes of Brooke Adams, Danny Aiello, Abe Vigoda and Clara Peller. The rest of the cast includes Patrick O' Neal, Paul Sorvino, Scott Bloom, and Alexander Scourby.

Everytime I watch this I get the feeling that there is a lot of footage missing, especially in the development of the relationship between Moriarty and Marovicci.

Well whatever the case, this film is very, very welcome to the world of Blu-ray thanks to Arrow. There are some pretty cool extras on the disc as well, and the print looks as good as I have ever seen this film.

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