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Sunday, April 3, 2016


A wonderful and well crafted horror film from Japan.

A man takes his sick wife to an isolated mansion so she can recover from her illness, only to find terror an an ancient curse.

The woman is haunted by a very bizarre elderly woman who attempts on many occasions to strangle her to death. Upon investigation the couple learn that a ghost cat is hanging around the mansion. The cat is possessed by the spirit of several people who were killed in a fit of rage by an very unstable Samurai warrior a few hundred years before.

There are several very remarkable scares in this film and it really comes off well. The modern setting of the film is shot in Black and White and the flashbacks to show how this curse began and in gorgeous color, which I think is a very cool idea.

There are also a couple of great scenes showing the elderly woman changing into a cat-like monster, and I don't think you'll soon forget those.

The Japanese know how to make very good ghost stories, and this is no exception. The print from Sinister is very good and widescreen to boot. Highly recommended horror!!

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