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Saturday, April 23, 2016


A very unusual and well made Hammer film.

Richard Matheson wrote the screenplay for this bizarre film starring Tallulah Bankhead as a grieving mother whose son has just been killed.

She invites her dead son's ex-girlfriend to her home. The girlfriend, Patricia, played by Stefanie Powers accepts the invitation and soon finds things aren't what they seem.

Mrs. Trefoile is completely crazy and a religious fanatic to boot. Very soon Patricia finds herself held prisoner in the huge house while Trefoile tries to cleanse her soul in order that her son may rest in peace.

There is a lot of abuse piled onto Pat as she tries time after time to escape. Her boyfriend starts to search for her, but will he find her before she is killed?

Bankhead is perfect in the role as the demented mother, and Powers bring just the right amount of innocence to her role as Pat. I hadn't seen this film for years. but now that Mill Creek has released it I finally remedied that situation.

If you get a chance, check this out. You won't be disappointed.

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