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Monday, August 7, 2017


Another top notch TV movie from the 70's.

Hope Lange and Paul Burke are a couple who inherit a small farm from her dead father and soon find themselves entangled in a bizarre web of horror.

It seems the farm is haunted by ghosts of witches who were betrayed by Lange in a past life, and now they want revenge.

Director Walter Grauman gets a lot of mileage from his cast in this TV thriller which many monster kids remember and still talk about.

There are some very interesting sexual overtones in this film that make it even more interesting considering it was made by Aaron Spelling Productions.

The rest of the cast includes John Carradine, Ross Elliot, William Smith, Lloyd Bochner, Patricia Barry, Milton Selzer and Cyril Delevanti.

I hadn't seen this for years and for me it was just a good as the first time. I recorded this onto a DVD-r many years ago off of The Mystery Channel if I'm not mistaken. Recommended horror film.

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