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Thursday, August 24, 2017


Great little Euro-horror finally comes to Blu-ray.

Amando De Ossorio directed this very interesting horror film based on the legend of a creature called "The Loreley", which is a mythical creature that feeds on human hearts.

When a series of brutal murders occur in and near an all girls school, a professional hunter is called in to find the creature responsible and destroy it. The hunter, Sigurd (Tony Kendall) has his hands full with the gorgeous students and the monster.

One day he meets an absolutely beautiful woman running thru the nearby woods named Lorelei (Helga Line). She seduces him and wants him to become her eternal partner in life. Sigurd knows she is the monster, but he does have strong feelings for her.

At night she turns into a scaly lizard monster and steals the hearts of her victims. The Blu-ray has this movie looking better than I have ever seen it and I can only thank Shout Factory from bringing this little gem out.

As usual in Spanish horror, there is nothing but beautiful women, most of whom get naked at one point or another and this is always a plus in my book.

This is paired on the disc with one of my favorite films of all time "Night Of The Sorcerers" which will be reviewed here at a later date.

The rest of the cast for this thriller includes Silvia Tortosa, Josefina Jartin and Loreta Tovar. A highly recommended release that every horror fan should see.

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