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Sunday, August 6, 2017


Quirky made for TV film.

Glenn Corbett stars as an astronaut who crash lands back on what he thinks is Earth, but he begins to notice subtle little differences.

The people have never heard of Paul Revere, the United States and there are three moons!! Everyone is left handed and because of that the viewer will be reminded of "Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun".

Cameron Mitchell is a Government man who to kill Corbett. The Government deals with people who has free thought by re-programming them or killing them.

This movie was a proposed pilot for a series that never came to pass, and that is a good thing because you can only work with an idea like this for so long.

There is a great cast which includes Lew Ayres, Tim O' Conner, Dean Jagger, H. M. Wynant, and Virginia Gregg. The print is a little washed out, but it's no big deal. I hadn't seen this since 1973 and it was good to revisit it after all of these years.

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