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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Harald Reinl directed this excellent "Krimi" classic.

The always beautiful Karin Dor (Wife of the director) stars in this wild film about a strangler on the loose in a British estate.

The psychotic killer always brands an "M" on the foreheads of his victims before he decapitates them. There are plenty of startling killings, and the one showing the decapitation of a man on a motorcycle is unforgettable.

The plot moves along briskly with a lot of twists and turns until the final which again, may throw you for a loop.

The plot also includes criminals trying to get some uncut diamonds and a butler, played by the wonderful Dieter Eppler, who is almost insane in his quest for the jewels.

This is a fine West German effort that all Edgar Wallace fans will enjoy, and I will watch ANYTHING with Karin Dor. The woman fascinates me. Recommended.

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