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Sunday, August 27, 2017


This is my pick as the best Spanish horror film ever made!!

Amando De Ossorio directed this wonderful little film. The story opens in the fictional African location called Bombasa, where we see a tribe kidnap a woman, whip her clothes off and then behead her in a bizarre voodoo sacrifice. The British army kills everyone involved, and then we flash to the present time.

A group of researchers travel to the area to find out why the elephant population is disappearing but instead find terror and death. One of the three gorgeous women on the trip, Carol Harris (Lovita Tovar) goes out at night to photograph an old burial ground. She finds herself attacked by the now risen corpses of the voodoo practitioners.

Her clothes are whipped off and the woman (Barbara Rey), whose head was cut off at the beginning of the film does the whipping as she herself is now a bikini clad vampire woman. Carol joins her very soon. Now there are two.

The men Prof. Rod Carter (Simon Andreu) and Prof. John Grant (Jack Taylor) along with the other two women Tunika (Kali Hansa) and Liz Meredith (Maria Kosty) soon find themselves in deep trouble. The two vampire women take Liz and sacrifice her as well and then they kill John so only Rod and Tunika are left to fight the cult and kill the vampires.

There are many, many unforgettable images in this film. Everything from women tied and whipped naked to bikini clad, incredibly sexy women sinking their fangs into victims to the haunting, slow motion running thru the jungle.

I can't praise this movie enough. beautiful women, excellent photography, deep colors and a very pulp story. Everything works in this film and now Shout Factory brings it to us in a beautiful Blu-ray presentation. Ossorio made many memorable Spanish horror films including The Blind Dead series and Fangs Of The Living Dead, and all five are excellent films, but this is his greatest film in my opinion.

A top release of the year and one that shouldn't be missed by horror fans.

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