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Monday, August 21, 2017


I remember this movie from a VHS rental store many years ago.

A young woman who is pregnant and her husband travel to her grandfather's castle. Her granddad turns out to be Count Dracula who is hoping the baby will continue the bloodline.

The woman, Berta (Tina Sainz) gets weaker and weaker and her husband grows concerned. The other family members in the castle are beautiful women. The most beautiful one, Munia (Helga Line) seduces the husband, Hans (Tony Isbert) and he too is changed into a vampire.

The other women are Xenia, played by the always gorgeous Maria Kosty and Irina played by Cristina Suriani. All of these women would be very hard to resist under any circumstances.

Anyway, I liked this film a lot and found it to be very interesting, even though the plot is not original by any means. There is a lot of ample female bodies on display and some gruesome violence towards the end of the film.

The print from Sinister is very good, and I have been meaning to pick this up for some time, and finally, of course, did just that. Fans of Euro horror will have much to like with this movie.

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