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Tuesday, August 8, 2017


This film has a rather bizarre production history, but is still a well made thriller.

This movie is part US shot footage and part Argentinian footage from a 1961 film called "Tell Tale Heart". The US footage is newer and may have been shot in and around 1965.

The US footage concerns an elderly man in prison and his escape attempt with a young prisoner, and they other footage is told in "flashback" as to how he got there.

This isn't the usual "patchwork" film and it work very well. The original footage of "Tell Tale Heart" is very effective and very twisted.

If you haven't seen this gem I recommend you do. It was released in 1972 on a double bill with "The Dracula Saga" and touted as being filmed in "Blood Chilling" realism of "Magicmation". What is "Magicmation"? It is simply that the final two scenes, which lasts about 8 seconds is done in color, and that also works well for an ending you'll not soon forget.

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