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Tuesday, August 29, 2017


I don't really understand why this film is so disliked.

Kim Milford stars as Billy Duncan, a young man who is very lonely and not too well liked in the small town in which he lives.

One day on a jaunt into the nearby desert he happens upon a strange ray gun and amulet left behind by an alien at the beginning of the film who was killed by two lizard-like policemen.

Billy soon finds himself transforming into a strange alien being, but with little or no memory of what he has done. His girlfriend, Kathy (Cheryl Smith)sees a strange burn on his chest and convinces him to see a doctor.

Doctor Mellon (Roddy McDowell) removes a piece of growing metal from Billy's chest and takes if away for analysis, but is killed by a transformed Billy before he can reach his destination.

This is a wild and fun little film that seems to have fallen thru the cracks. it came out at the tail end of the low budget sci-fi film streak that ended after Star Wars sadly came out. there is even a scene where the alien blows up a billboard for Star Wars.

The special effects by David Allen are crude, but very well done and they include stop motion animation. The rest of the cast for this little gem include Keenan Wynn, Ron Masak, Eddie Deezen, and Simmy Bow.

I enjoyed this film a lot and always have. I just don't understand all the criticism I see about it. If you haven't seen it, check it out sometime.

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