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Thursday, August 31, 2017


After Gamera vs. Zigra the world had to wait 9 years for the next epic.

All of the previous monsters Gamera has faced are brought back to Earth via stock footage as once again aliens plan to invae the Earth.

This time a child has the help of three cute alien women who are defending the earth. This is STRICTLY a child's fantasy and it isn't too bad as far as films like this go, but damn, you really see nothing new here.

The company that made these films, Daiei went bankrupt and it is not a surprise to me. These films just could not compete with Godzilla, and I think the fault lies entirely with the film makers who went to a very childish level.

The battle scenes are cool to see sgain...well at least some of them, but it really did nothing for me. Again, the Blu-ray presentation is excellent.

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